Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My (Current) Plans for Agile 2009

While I work on some other posting ideas, I thought I'd provide my current plan for sessions I expect to attend at Agile 2009 in a few weeks.

In general, I have chosen to attend sessions to hear people I have not heard before (with a few exceptions: Cockburn, Patton, Jeffries & Hendrickson, Sutherland, Pixton, Hussman, Marick). And, as is clear from the chart below, I have some conflicts, especially the first day. Not sure what last minute conditions may drive my final decision. (Sometimes, I'll admit, I make such choices based on the least travel distance between time slots.)


11:00-12:30 The Agile Playground Mayer
What makes this Agile ours Sanders, Patton
14:00-14:45 What is an Agile Proj Mgr? Fewell, Reed
Creating Agile Simulations & Games for Coaches & Consultants Henrickson, Sims
14:45-15:30 Lets stop calling it "agile" Vodde, Mak
Why (so many) Testers (still) hate Agile Beaton, Bennett
16:00-16:17:30 Fully Distributed Scrum Sutherland, Schoonheim


11:00-11:45 Implementing Agile Across Distributed Teams Smits, Sulaiman
Release Planning (The Small Card Game) Hendrickson, Jeffries
11:45-12:30 Collaborative Tools with Distributed Customer Teams Hohmann
14:00-17:30 Nano-Incremental Development Cockburn

09:00-10:30 How to Bootstrap a Hyperproductive Team Sutherland, Downey
Producing Software Groove David Hussman
11:00-12:30 Help me to see... corporate culture Cyment, Mayer
14:00-15:30 Creating a Culture of Trust Pixton
16:00-17:30 Building Shared Responsibility Teams Behrens

09:00-10:30 Only Dead Agilists Don’t Ask Questions Jepsen
11:00-12:30 May the Forces Be With You Claar, Shimp
14:45-15:30 Coach Aikido Gruber
16:00-16:45 Growing PMI using Agile Fewell
16:45-17:30 Eight Guiding Values Marick

What's your session plan?

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