Thursday, August 6, 2009

This Blog, That Logo

This blog will be devoted to all things Agile as well as traditional quality/process ideas as they apply to the goals of an Agile approach to product/service creation.

The logo represents the iterative cycles of an agile approach combined with the lines of the Kano quality model. Combined they form an "A", "S" and "Q" (of a sort) for Agile Software Qualities.

The overall philosophy of this blog is that the values and principles of the Agile Manifesto, combined with various "traditional" software process and quality concepts, provide powerful guidance for valuable product and service creation.

In particular, effective adoption of an Agile approach depends upon a clear understanding of the Agile values and principles, not just the practices and techniques of particular methods. Since many organizations will be unable to adopt a fully Agile approach instantly, they will make certain adaptations to it, especially at the practice/technique level. Without an understanding of the values and principles, these "tailorings" can seriously impede the organization's successful adoption of an Agile approach by losing the actual benefits intended by the practices. (I have guest blogged on this topic at Jurgen Appelo's blog.)

So welcome...I hope you share some of my philosophy, but encourage your comments (on this and future posts) whether you do or not.

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